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Do you know how much time it takes to enter a new product? I am slow or it just takes a lot of time and to make sure its posts correcting. Back and forth. Things are coming along slowly and I don't want so many people or traffic simply cause I want it to be amazing for you.  There are many things about the site I dont like and willstricve to improve those areas. Be sure to check us out often you never know when something you will really like will get posted.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 22:12 | No Comments »

Welcome! This is my first blog post. I am very excited about starting this jewelery site. To be able to bring something I really love to others at decent prices. I realized after entering the products I would like to have that I was not seeing the full picture. I didn't know the flow of the site. I can see it in design mod but how did it really flow and look like?

So today I entered the address and veiwed it as if I was you. I didn't care for many things and I see I will have to make some changes, more like improvements. So please bare with me while I work things out so your experance here will be more comfortable and pleasent..



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