Just Us Jewels

Just Us Jewels was born out of Grandma's head. One day Papa and Grandma got a call from E-commerce Consulting. They were looking for people who would be interested in going through their program and starting an E-comm business, selling through places like Ebay. Papa was not very interested in it, but Grandma was jumping. This was exactly what she was looking for. She invested everything she had and started the training to learn how it worked and what to do. At one point, she was asked to make the decisions as to what she wanted to sell and what name it would have, so many choices, it was overwhelming. After trying on so many names and products, with research, she found that jewelry would work out the best for her. After defining the product, we needed a name. Grandma said, "Everyone of my children is a jewel." This is to show all of you it can be done, "Just Us Jewels."

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